Our Packaging

Glass, aluminium and a O2 absorbent to protect 14 g of Bocamonte

Coffee’s biggest enemies are: light, oxygen and humidity; all of which oxidize the processed bean and make it lose its freshness, aroma and taste. For an extraordinary coffee, such as Bocamonte, specialized packaging is the way to guarantee the distinctive taste preferred by our customers around the world.

Every 224 grams (7,9 oz) box holds sixteen 14-gram (0.49 oz) tubes: enough for two excellent cups of coffee each. Thus, when Bocamonte is served only the necessary amount is exposed to the air, while the rest remains hermetically sealed inside an opaque box, out of the reach of light and air.

Furthermore, each tube’s glass and aluminum design prevents oxygen reintegration through the package’s walls, as it does with plastic and cardboard packaging. As long as the tube remains shut, its anaerobic atmosphere protects the taste, aroma and quality of the Bocamonte coffee inside for a long time and prevents mold fermentation.


Bocamonte uses mostly recycled materials for its glass, aluminum and cardboard that can also be easily recycled. Our only non-recyclable components are the small seal between the aluminum and glass tube and the oxygen absorber's pouch.

We avoid the use of packaging made of plastics laminated with aluminum because their components are very hard to separate and are rarely recycled.

Once closed, Bocamonte’s active packaging quickly eliminates oxygen inside the tubes to a level beneath 0.01%; in contrast with the 17% oxygenation level of traditional packaging, 10% of packages with valves, or 5% of vacuum packages, typically. Bocamonte’s packaging also prevents oxygenation during the product’s first year of life, thus preventing oxidation.

The active component that subtracts oxygen from the tube is enclosed in a sachet and never has direct contact with the coffee. Nor does it alter its taste in any way. Although it is not made for human consumption (as clearly specified on the sachet), its contents are not a health risk and its use is approved by the European Community and the United States’ FDA.

We have designed the bottle in a way that it will hold the oxygen absorbent inside when the coffee is poured out.  In the unlikely case that it would fall into the water, hot or not, its contents will not dilute or migrate.  If it is removed from the water within the first few minutes, there is no risk of spoiling a perfect cup of coffee.

The glass tube may be sent for recycling with the sachet still inside.  In the recycling plant they break all the glass they receive and pass the shards through a powerful magnet that retrieves the lids and, in this case, the sachets will be collected too.  The lid itself is made of aluminum so it is better if placed into the aluminum collection bin.